Sunday, November 15, 2009

Loopland- The Land of Superheroes

Loopland- the home of Allan Sanders an amazing illustrator. I first chance upon his work on my colleague's computer, he has used it as a wallpaper. I asked him who was the artist but he couldn't recall. Immediately I had to google and find out who he was.

Allan's superheroes illustration is a personal project which I adore. I find that the wonkiness , humorous quirkiness of his illustration very endearing. Allan Sanders was born in the North West England. He studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art in London. Allan's portfolio includes The Economist, The Guardian, New Scientist, The LA Times, Vodafone. His illustration have been used in magazines, books and advertising campaigns internationally. His interactive & animation work has been featured in exhibitions at the Science Museum in London and on the official website for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Am looking forward to seeing more of his work. Am definitely a FAN!

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